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We organize annual events within the Private Equity industry bringing together the top players globally, with active conference in Switzerland, Germany, France, Singapore, Sweden, Italy, Iberia, United Kingdom, Poland/CEE, Benelux with more coming soon!

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The advantages include access to 5 of our conferences, pre-booked transfer to and from the airport, access to our VIP Dinner with a +1 on the day before the conference and pre-booked hotel room for the night before the conference. 

Please contact Tim Brown for any inquiries regarding the Global Membership.

Tim Brown
Phone: +44 7917 208 463
Email: tb@pe-conference.org

*The Membership and the passes included can only be used by the member.

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Global Membership to Private Equity Insights (Incl. pass to 5 conferences, transfer to and from airport, hotel room from the day before, access to VIP Dinner with +1)
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